Travel conditions

Terms used in this Agreement:

“Tour operator " refers to Tempo Transport  Beograd

“Passenger” refers to any person using the services of the Tour operator, with compensation.

“Transfer confirmation” or “Travel confirmation” is a document confirming to the passenger that the arranged service will be provided.

“Carrier” is a company transporting passengers on behalf of the tour operator.

The General terms of travel set outthe terms and conditions between the tour operator and the passenger as the user of services in the public transportation of passengers, as well as the terms under which the operator fulfills its obligations towards the passenger and his/her belongings.




Article 1

The Tour operator shall organize safe transport for the passenger and his/her luggage, according to thearranged program and the scheduled route, whereas the passenger shall pay the Operator for the service provided. The Agreement can also be made between the Tour operator and the client arranging the service, in which case the client is obligated to pay for the services provided. A Travel confirmation serves as proof of accepting this Agreement.


Article 2

A Travel confirmation contains the name of the Tour operator, date, time, route and price of the transfer. The Travel confirmation may be sent by e-mail, fax or in printed form.


Article 3

The Travel confirmation is usually issued for individual transfers, that is, a single or return transfer, and it renders the Tour operator obligated to provide the services on such date and at such time as indicated on the Travel confirmation.A return transfer enables the passenger to use the transfer service for a round trip, in the specified route, and the Tour operator is accordingly obligated to provide the services on such date and at such time as indicated on the Travel confirmation. The Passenger must confirm the time and date of departure and return by selecting one of the possible payment options:

  • The total amount in advance, payable by a credit or debit card or via bank transfer;
  • 20%deposit paid in advance, via bank transfer, and the remaining 80% of the total amount is paid directly to the driver on the date of service provision
  • The full amount for the transfer paid in cash in Serbian Dinars to the driver on the date of service provision prior to the provision of the transfer service.



Article 4

The change of time and date chosen when booking the transfer may be done by e-mail or telephone. The Passenger will receive a Travel confirmation containing the changed or amended information about a part of the transfer within 24 hours, and in such case Tour operator decides whether or not to chargethis service additionally.

Article 5

The Tour operator will issue a Travel confirmation at the Passenger’s request, and is obligated to provide the travel. The Confirmation is delivered by e-mail and not charged additionally.




Article 6

The Tour operator shall refund the Passenger in case of travel cancelation. The amount which the Tour operator is obligated to pay to the Passenger depends on the scheduled departure time. In any case, the Tour operator keeps 20% of the transfer price as a booking processing fee. The refund includes the remaining 80% of the transfer price and the percentage is the following:

- for travel cancelations more than 5 days prior to the transfer date - 100 % refund

- for travel cancelations between 24 hours and 5 days prior to the transfer date - 80 % refund

- for travel cancelations less than 24 hours prior to the transfer - norefund

Should the Passengersubmit a request to cancel the return transfer, after having used a single transfer, the same refund percentage shall apply, but only for a half of the total transfer price.

If the Passenger refuses to pay for the services provided, the Tour operator is entitled to demand payment for the service provided. If the Passenger has booked a transfer and chosen the optionof paying directly to the driver, and thereafter canceled the transfer, the Tour operator will send a bill to the Passenger in accordance with the compensation percentages listed above.

If, on the other hand, the Passenger finds that the service has not been carried out in a satisfactory manner, he/she is entitled to file a written complaint to the Tour operator in accordance with the General terms and conditions of travel.


Article 7

If a Passenger mistakenly uses the services of another Carrier instead of the services of Travelin d.o.o., which he/she has paid for, he/she does not meet the refund requirements.

If a Passengerfails to appear, he/she will be charged the total amount for the transfer.

Any changes to the original booking are charged according to the current price list for a new booking. Should the Passengerchange the date or time of the transfer, and the price remains the same as in the original booking, there will be no additional charges.

The Passenger is obligated to submit accurate information when booking. A refund will not be given if the transfer is not carried out due to the wrong information provided. In the event that the Passenger is late for a flight, train or anything else due to weather conditions or road conditions which were not directly caused by the Tour operator, the Tour operator cannot be held liable and cannot be expected to cover the costs incurred by the delay.

In the event that the Tour operator is directly responsible for the delay (the vehicle breaks down, empty tank, the driver arrives late, etc.), the passengers will be compensated for the costs of transport. In case a Passenger has to use another type of transport due to the Tour operator’s fault, the costs of the alternative transportation will be compensated for only if such new transportation has been arranged by the Tour operator or in cooperation with the Tour operator.

The transfer duration stated when booking is for information purposes and only applies to normal traffic conditions.

When booking, the Passenger shall determine the time of departure to arrive to the airport or any other destination, but the Tour operator may suggest to the Passenger a different, more realistic departure time in relation to the take-off time.

When booking a transfer to an airport and selecting the departure time, the Passenger ought to bear in mind that passengers are recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight.

The time of departure is decided by the Passenger and the Tour operator cannot be held liable for a delay due to the departure time.




Article 8

After receiving the Transfer confirmation, the Passenger is obligated to read the transfer details carefully. Should he/she disagree with any details of the Transfer confirmation, he/she is obligated to inform the Tour operator, and the failure to do so shall be interpreted as acceptance of all the details of the confirmation.

Article 9

The Tour operator is entitled to cancel the transfer or refuse to provide it if the passenger‘s behavior is causing physical damage to the Carrier, if he/she is harassing other passengers or the driver, smoking in the vehicle or otherwise acting inappropriately. In that case, the Passenger is not entitled to a refund.

Article 10

The Passenger is obligated to enter and exit the vehicle at locations indicated in the Transfer confirmation.

The Passenger is obligated to arrive at the departure site at least 10 minutes in advance. The Tour operator is not obligated to wait for the passengers so as to carry out the transfer (unless in the event of a delayed plane arrival).The Passenger is obligated to leave a phone number that he/she can be reached at.

If a Passenger asks for a break during transport, the driver will estimate whether this is possible. If possible, the driver will determine the duration of the break, and the Passenger is obligated to comply with it. The Tour operator is not obligated to wait for a Passenger who has decided to prolong a break at own discretion.

Article 11

The Passenger is obligated to have the Transfer confirmation on him/her and show it to the driver upon request. The Tour operator may refuse to carry out or continue the transfer if the Passenger decides to change the payment method previously determined in the Agreement.


Article 12

The Tour operator may decide not to carry out the transfer if there is a danger to the safety of the other passengers or the driver. This provision applies to such situations when persons with mental disabilities require special transport.

Article 13

The Tour operator may refuse to carry out or complete the transfer under the following circumstances:

- if a passenger is disturbing the Carrier’s staff

- if a passenger‘s behavior jeopardizes the safety of the staff or other passengers

- if a passenger‘s behavior disrupts the transfer

- if the driver estimates that a passenger may cause any safety issues

- if a passenger is any way ruiningthe cleanliness of the vehicle (food, drinks, etc.)

- if any of the passengers clearly appears to beintoxicated

If any of these circumstances should cause a cancelation or an unexpected termination of the transfer, the passengers’ items will be taken out and they will be asked to leave the vehicle. In such circumstances, the Tour operator keeps the entire amount paid for the transfer.

Article 14

If a Passenger damages the vehicle in any way, he/she must indemnify the Travel organizer for the damage caused by his/her irresponsible behavior.

Article 15

For the duration of the transfer, the Passenger is obligated to comply with all traffic safety regulations, such as the law on safety belt usage. During the ride, the passengers are not allowed to move through the vehicle, change seats etc.

Article 16

For the duration of the transfer, the Passenger is obliged to comply with all traffic regulations in all countries where the transfer takes place, as well as all other regulations regarding the possession of personal documents for travel purposes (passport, visa, etc.).



Article 17

Any complaints may only be delivered in written form, no more than 90 days after the transfer in question. Complaints are to be sent to our e-mail.

The Tour operator is obligated to respond to the Passenger in written form, within 30 days of receiving the complaint.

If the Tour operator fails to deliver the obligation to reply, the Passenger is entitled to address the authorities.




Article 18

The Tour operator is obligated to determine the transfer prices which will be posted on the official web site.

The Tour operator reserves the right to approve various types of discount for certain categories of passengers or for certain destinations so as to advance its business.

Article 19

The Tour operator shall accept all bookings which are in accordance with the General terms and conditions of travel. Transfer services shall be denied to the following categories of passengers:

- passengers carrying weapons, unless authorized officers;

- passengers with clear symptoms of infectious diseases or severe mental disorders, as well as passengers with open wounds;

- children under the age of 14 not accompanied by an adult. Children under 14 may use our services unaccompanied only if the Tour operator receives a certified letter of consent from the parent or guardian;

- children between 14 and 18 years of age may use the transport service only with a certified letter of consent from the parent or guardian;

- passengers whose clothes are so dirty that they might stain the vehicle or other passengers;

- passengers under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive drugs;

- passengers without appropriate and suitable clothing (wearing bathing suits, only underwear, no shoes, etc.).

Article 20

In case of a delayed departure or any other delay during the travel, which was caused by the Carrier, the Passenger is entitled to choose one of the following options:

- Continue the transfer or redirect it to another destination, without additional charges;

-return to the point of departure, with the right to receive a full refund;

- terminate the travel, with the right to receive a refund for the unfinished portion of it.

The Tour operator is not liable for any delay or cancelation not caused by the Tour operator.




Article 21

The Carrier is obligated to transport the Passenger’s luggage only if the same is accompanied by the Passenger. Transport of the luggage unaccompanied by the Passenger is not permitted.

Article 22

Carry-on luggage mostly consists of smaller objects, such as hand bags etc., which may be placed in the trunk of the vehicle or be kept by the passengers or be placed under their seats, so as not to inconvenience the other passengers. All the remaining luggage must be placed in the luggage section of the vehicle.

The Tour operator shall not charge for the transport of carry-on luggage.

Article 23

Items such as travel bags, large canvas bags, suitcases etc. weighing no more than 25 kg each are considered to bestandard-size passenger luggage.

Luggage transport is included in the transfer price and is not charged separately.

It is the driver’sobligation and responsibility to place the luggage in the trunk of the vehicle.

Article 24

If the Passenger’s luggage dimensions exceed standard luggage dimensions or weight (skis and ski equipment, snowboards, golfing equipment, etc.), he/she must specify the type of luggage and number of pieces of such luggage in the note section when booking the transfer.